The Wheelhouse is the premier choice of Whitehorse restaurants, offering an inviting atmosphere for any occasion. Enjoy the abundance of natural light afforded by our two walls of 10 foot high windows, and the generous sense of space created by the 12 foot ceilings. Relax in the warm tones of walls finished with fir siding aged by 90 years of exposure to the elements. Ease into the comfort of our furnishings.


With our location on the banks of the Yukon River just 200 yards downstream from Shipyard’s Park, and in the City of Whitehorse with its sternwheeler logo, it’s fitting that The Wheelhouse Restaurant’s theme is based on the sternwheelers that plied Yukon’s waterways prior to the development of highways. Décor of archival photos, artifacts, period furnishings, and examples of dry goods and supplies which were found on these boats are located throughout the restaurant to promote the theme, and transport you to another time and place. From our local heritage theme and views of the Yukon river, patrons of the Wheelhouse Restaurant know they are dining in Whitehorse, Yukon.


The creative layout of The Wheelhouse Restaurant was designed for a diversity of dining options. Seating at tables on the main floor and on an elevated “Wharf”, as well as in booths and at a communal bar can comfortably accommodate 80 diners. Seating arrangements are tailor made for the purposes of intimate conversation, conducting business, or simply enjoying the company of family and friends.

The open and unobstructed main floor area allows for flexibility in arranging tables to provide group seating for as many as 70. Thus, The Wheelhouse Restaurant is the perfect place to host any special occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or family occasion.

In addition, our “garden deck” overlooking the Waterfront Trolley line, the Millennium Trail, and the Yukon River seats 40, weather permitting of course!